Verifying & Closing Tickets

For those of you with access to early release versions of the latest Shopp code, one of the most important ways you can contribute to Shopp is by verifying tickets that Need Reviewed ticket bin.

Tickets that need reviewed are issues that the developers believe are resolved by a particular patch, but need tested in other environments for confirmation. This is part of our quality assurance practices that ensure we are not just getting things to work in our development environment which is not always the best representation of real-world implementations.

You do not have to be a developer to participate in bug fix verification. See steps 3 through 5 that can be done by anyone who knows how to update Shopp. You can tag the issue fixed or not fixed, or if you do not feel comfortable tagging the issue, you can at least test the fix and submit your comment.

How a fix is verified:

  1. The contributing developer will either check in a patch and/or post the patch file to the ticket and tag the ticket review (Please indicate the version information to indicate what version of Shopp the patch applies to. Be as specific as possible.)
  2. If the patch is committed, there will be a commit note indicating so. The patch will be available to verify at the next milestone release. Alternatively, a patch file can be applied, and the fix can be verified before the milestone release.
  3. Before updating to the milestone release (or applying the patch), confirm that you can reproduce the bug.
  4. Update to the milestone release, or patch, and verify the bug is fixed.
  5. Note any problems that seem to be associated with the fix, and tag the issue "not fixed" if the bug fix can not be verified. Tag the ticket "fixed" if the bug appears fixed by the patch, and also tag "close" if the patch is already committed.

Tags to use in the verification process

See the Tagging Guide for a complete list of tags.

  • review — Places potentially fixed issue in the Need Reviewed bin for others to review (also done by setting the closed "review" status on the ticket).
  • stale — The attached patch included is out of date/stale, and needs to be updated before it can be used.
  • fixed — Signifies that you have tested the fix, and can verify that it fixes the described problem, and makes the ticket eligible for close.
  • not fixed — Signifies that you have tested the fix, and can verify that it does not fix the described problem.
  • close — Additionally marks the ticket as ready to close.
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