This roadmap is a regularly updated outline of planned features and improvements targeted for upcoming releases of Shopp. It also underscores our commitment to making Shopp the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress.

Keep in mind that priorities change and so too will this roadmap. Some features may shift as needed. This document is a communication document used by the development team and should not be used for planning by third-parties integration or basing business plans off of the Shopp project. The one thing you can count on is that these plans will change and evolve over time.

1.3 Release

  • Remote API new
  • WPML compatibility new
  • Basic Reports?
  • Order Editing?
  • Developer API enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

  • Target: January 2013

1.4 Release

  • Order Editing
  • Bulk Editors (orders, promotions, products)
  • Minor API enhancements & Bug Fixes
  • Target: Q2 2013

1.5 Release

  • Account Credit (Gift Certificates)
  • Pricing System Redesign
    • Product Bundles
    • Customer Type Pricing
    • Tiered Pricing
    • Variation/Addon pagination
  • Minor API enhancements & Bug Fixes
  • Target: Q3 2013

2.0 Release

  • Affiliate support (buying and selling)
  • Administrative ordering system (create orders from the Shopp admin)
  • XML import/export
  • Event Ticketing/Booking/Reservation Support
  • Advanced Search API
  • Product build-to-order
  • Wishlist/Registries
  • Abstraction System for Custom Post-type Products
  • Basic Build-to-order
  • Product bundles??
  • Customer reviews & ratings
  • Customer address book
  • Recent Shoppers widget (show first name and city/state)
  • Product comparisons
  • Further cross-selling categories (Also Bought via purchased)
  • Variations pagination
  • Integrations menu (support for non-payment/non-shipping add-ons that integrate Shopp with other systems)
  • Target: Unknown
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