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To report an issue, you will need to create a new ticket.

Be aware that the handling of your ticket may require your participation. Please be willing and prepared to aid the developers in resolving the issue.

Before creating a new ticket...

  • Search for the issue you want to report, it may already have been reported.
  • If you find a similar issue, add any new information you might have as a comment on the existing issue. If it's different enough, you might decide it needs to be reported in a new ticket.
  • If an issue you recently reported was closed, and you don't agree with the reasoning for it being closed, you will need to add a reopen tag to alert us to re-investigate the issue.
  • Do not tag reopen on tickets that are in a previously completed milestone. Instead, open a new ticket.

Lifecycle of a Ticket

  • A user encounters an issue in Shopp that they believe to be a bug.
  • The user attempts to make sure it really is a bug that can be reproduced (perhaps by recruiting others to try it).
  • The bug is reported by creating a new ticket on the bug tracker (see "Creating a Ticket")
  • Other Shopp bug tracker volunteers (which could be you!) may need to confirm the issue if it was not already confirmed when the ticket was created.
  • A Shopp core developer schedules the issue into an upcoming milestone.
  • A fix may be submitted as a patch by volunteers or be provided by a core Shopp developer.
  • The issue is set to "review" status (if necessary) to indicate other bug tracker volunteers need to review the fix.
  • Bug tracker volunteers then tag the issue with results of their testing (usually either verified or reopen).
  • When verified the ticket is officially closed by a Shopp core team member.

Creating a Ticket

  • Don't report duplicates
    Search for similar issues first (see the Before creating a new ticket... guidelines above).
  • Report one issue per ticket
    You may decide that multiple behaviors relate to a single issue in which case it is appropriate to list all behaviors in a single ticket
  • Use a short, descriptive title
    Summarize the problem, don't just say "X is broken" (for details, read "How to Report Bugs Effectively")
  • Provide useful information
    What's wrong? Where is it happening? What exact steps does someone else need to take to reproduce the problem?
  • Don't forget the details! Programmers need to see the problem, include relevant URLs or a screencast is even better Do not provide admin credentials on the public bug tracker! Report all error messages. Turn on debug logging in Shopp and report log messages that you come across. ** Include the versions of Shopp, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, the web browser used, the web server (apache or IIS, etc).
  • Use tagging
    There's a list of common tags we use to help organize and classify tickets available on Tagging Guide.

Feature Requests

You are welcome to recommend feature improvements, however, they should be reported to the Feature Requests forum for discussion and voting. Also, be willing to "sell it" not just to the Shopp developers but the rest of the community to vote for it. Shopp's design philosophy is less-is-more. If the feature requires adding a new interface setting, it will be intensely scrutinized for value to the widest possible audience. Keep this in mind when making your recommendations.

Thank you for contributing to the Shopp project!

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